Watercoloring like a fiiiend!

I was working on a watercolor piece yesterday, and while trying to mix a nice purple/violet, I really couldn’t get the shade I wanted, and was overall somewhat unhappy with the results (of the violet I mixed). Ame   Still, I’m really rather happy with how it turned out overall, and I’ve decided to do a series on my OCs in this fashion. I can’t wait to make the others! But I’m getting distracted from my story, which is that I bought some violet watercolors and gouache, and I started to paint and couldn’t stop! haha~ First I drew Rhys, my other OC, using a similar timeline with Ame (the girl above. Here is the other two I drew/painted of her that I didn’t post on here). Starting with a child-age Rhys! She has a complicated story hahaha. xD   Ruru   But even after drawing that, I still wanted to paint, so I drew something else: a character from a phone game I play called “Brave Frontier”. This is the unit “Divine Law Kanon” which is a unit I like to use in the game! I’m really having fun with this, so expect more watercolors to popup! :D   Kanon

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