The WIP Zine is now on sale! :D

Hi guys~ :D Sometime a while back I got chosen to participate in “WIP Zine“! I made “Release Me” specifically for that Zine, and it got chosen to be one of the finalists. :D The zine has 68-pages of arty goodness, featuring 10 artists, 10 artworks and the process behind those pieces! It’s a great way to learn and have awesome art to boot! Even better: It’s a pay-what-you-want digital download, ALL PROCEEDS go to Artists for Humanity, which is a really cool charity that helps the youth! :D Awesome art + Cool things to learn (or just look at) + $$ goes to charity = WIN WIN!! :D There’s nothing to lose! Donations will be accepted until March 4th, so donate while you can! :D   Thank you to all who support this awesome cause! :D

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