Doodly Doodly Doo~ART DUMP

I’ve been drawing a lot, actually – I just haven’t posted it on here. After updating to 3 places, it gets a little tiring. But here’s this week’s doodlies! :D First, I finished Kirby’s Triple Deluxe early this month, so I made some fanart! :D Kirby Fanart And then I decided to make a new icon and banner for my social media places~ (Instagram | Twitter) My new Icon This was my go at a style called vaporwave. It’s pretty neat, I think I did decently. My new banner, vaporwave The next few are from a doodle break I did while on stream (you’re welcome to come by and join~): Niko from the One Shot game, a random dog, Frederick from the Fire Emblem series (Awakening), and the last one was supposed to be a doodle, but I decided to go ahead and color it and finish it, my and my friend’s OCs, Riful (the scarred lady) and Valdir (the guy – he’s blind, and reading the book with magic) who is reading the book to Riful. c:  

A shi-tzu

Frederick from Fire Emblem Riful and Valdir

This last one was a bit of a challenge – it was part of a weekly challenge in an art discord that I’m part of. Participation isn’t required, but because the challenge was on landscapes, one of my biggest weaknesses, I thought I have to participate. I just have to. If I didn’t, I’d be failing myself. The image is from the internet, a study – since if I just made it from my head, I can get away with things that might not make sense, and I can just… make things easy for me. The process was excruciating, but I learned quite a bit from what I did. The image isn’t exactly like the photo…but… small steps xD;; A Weekly Challenge landscape study

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