Daily Card Doodles

Hey guys! How are you all? I haven’t posted here much, but I will try to make more effort to keep this spot updated too! I’m really most active  in my twitter and instagram accounts, and it can be tiring to repost something again and again, so I admit that’s what’s slowed this blog down. Here’s today’s card doodle. Horse skull in warm shades What’s a card doodle you might ask? Well, late in July I felt that I needed an exercise to really have me working on things more frequently. When you’re a freelancer, keeping an active account definitely helps keep interests up. So, with this in mind, I bought a stack of small gridded index cards from the 100-yen (think: dollar store but with higher quality) store called Daiso – a 200 count pack – and started to draw daily. I had a soft reset due to being busy, but aside from that I have (I believe) only missed a day at this point. :3 I’m pretty proud of some of the pieces I’ve done, so I’d definitely recommend taking a peek! Inktober and Zelda month (November) is also coming up! I’m pretty amped and excited – I’ll be combining that with my Daily Card doodles so I’m really, really looking forward to it! I hope you guys are too! :D For now, enjoy today’s card doodle and be sure to check out the older entires over at my instagram! :D